Setup the Cue Band Smartwatch

Once you have received the box for your Cue Band smartwatch, open and unpack it to reveal:

  • A Cue Band smartwatch (watch body and silicone band).
  • A charging cradle for the Cue Band.
  • Small technical information booklet from the hardware supplier (most of that information will not be relevant for your use of the band).

Please follow these steps:

  1. Remove the protective clear sticker from the screen of the Cue Band, and untie the cable tie from the charging cradle’s cable.

  2. Charge the band’s battery.

  3. Once you have started to charge the band, you can open the Cue Band App on your smartphone and select Add Device. (Note that the Cue Band, as delivered, will not yet have the programming required for cueing: this will be configured by the Cue Band App.)

What if my phone does not detect the Cue Band?

  1. Try to reset the Cue Band by following the instructions on this page:

  2. If your phone still does not detect the Cue Band please contact us at: