How does Cue Band work?

Cue Band has been designed to periodically deliver small and discrete vibrations to the wearer as a prompt to swallow any saliva in their mouth. The timing, duration and intensity of the vibrations can be configured through the Cue Band smartphone app – allowing complete personalisation of the prompts to suit an individual’s preferences and needs.

Using the Cue Band smartphone app, it is possible to create a weekly schedule of cueing events such that the band will provide the cueing prompts without the need for manual activation. For example, you may experience higher levels of drooling in the evening and wish to receive cueing prompts from the device every day at 7pm for hour. It is possible to schedule this using the Cue Band app and have the device automatically start prompting at 7pm each day.

If you don’t have your Cue Band device with you (or you are participating in our trial and currently receiving prompts via the smartphone) then you can change the settings within the Cue Band app to request prompting via the Phone. This will work the same as cueing on the Cue Band device, except it will be your phone that starts vibrating when you are being prompted. For discretion you may choose to leave your smartphone in your pocket, you should feel the vibrations through your clothing. If not, you can change the vibration pattern to make this more noticeable.