Getting started with your Cue Band smartwatch.

Cue Band Smartwatch

Getting started

Once you have received the box for your Cue Band smartwatch, open and unpack it to reveal:

  • A Cue Band smartwatch (watch body and silicone band).
  • A charging cradle for the Cue Band.
  • Small technical information booklet from the hardware supplier (most of that information will not be relevant for your use of the band).

Please follow these steps:

  1. Remove the protective clear sticker from the screen of the Cue Band, and untie the cable tie from the charging cradle’s cable.

  2. Charge the band’s battery (see below).

  3. Once you have started to charge the band, you can open the Cue Band App on your smartphone and select Add Device. (Note that the Cue Band, as delivered, will not yet have the programming required for cueing: this will be configured by the Cue Band App.)

Charging the Cue Band

The Cue Band contains a rechargeable battery. The watch will indicate the battery level in the top-right corner. If this is low, or the device doesn’t turn on when you press the button, you should charge the battery.

You will need a standard 5V USB A socket, such as might be found on a phone charger. Connect the charging cradle to this, and ensure the charger is plugged in and switched on to a mains socket. The charging cradle lead is quite short, and you may need to consider the best location for charging your device.

To charge the Cue Band, place it in the charging cradle, with the watch strap undone. Be sure to align the charging cradle so that the cable emerges on the right. The metallic contacts on the back of the device will align with the the two small charging pins in the cradle. The cradle uses magnets to hold the device in the correct location. Pressing the watch button will wake the display and allow you to check the charge status. A full battery charge should take no longer than 1-2 hours.

Using the Cue Band

Press the watch button (on left side of the watch), if the display is of, to turn on the display. If the display is on: press to return to the previous screen or, when showing the time, turn off the display.

While the watch display is on:

  • Tap on the display (while showing the time) to open the Cueing Preferences (see below).

  • Swipe right (press your finger to the display on the left side, move it to the right, and release your finger) to open the Quick Settings (see below).

Note: the display will automatically switch off after a short period of inactivity.

Quick Settings

  • Screen brightness (upper left): tap to cycle between three settings for the brightness level of the watch display.

  • “Torch” (upper right): tap to open, tap to illuminate the display fully white, swipe left/right to choose between three brightness levels, tap to switch off the display, press button to return to previous menu.

  • Watch settings (lower right): tap to open the watch settings screen (see below).

  • Cueing preferences (lower left): tap to open the cueing preferences screen (see below).

Cueing Preferences

If Cueing Disallowed is shown, you are in a part of the study that does not allow cueing on the watch (such as during phone-only cueing, or the “wash-out” period). Otherwise, the current cueing status will be shown, and you may tap the following buttons:

  • Mute: Temporarily pause cueing. This will cancel any manual cueing. If currently in a scheduled cueing interval, the pause duration will initially be for the remainder of the interval. Press +/- buttons to adjust the duration, x to no longer pause cueing (this will resume any scheduled cueing). Press the watch button to return to the previous screen.

  • Manual Cueing: Temporarily cue on the watch. This will start cueing on the watch for the specified time. Press +/- buttons to adjust the duration, x to stop temporarily cueing, the cog icon to change the cueing settings. Press the watch button to return to the previous screen.

Watch Settings

Various watch settings are available. Swipe up and down to cycle between the pages of settings. Tap to select a setting to change. Press the watch button to return to the previous screen.

Common settings are:

  • Time Format: You may choose between a 12-hour time (displaying am or pm) or a 24-hour clock (00-23 hours).

  • Watch Face: You may choose between a digital or analogue watch face.

You should not need to change other settings. In particular, the date and time are configured from the Cue Band App.